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About us

Pasifika Translations is a New Zealand-based language service provider specialising in translations to and from all Polynesian languages. Our pool of specialist translators and editors possess decades of experience in fields such as the medical, software and website localisation, health and the technical communications industries.

Pasifika Translations is a division of NZTC International – globally, one of the most experienced language service providers and one of the largest translation companies in the Southern Hemisphere.
Rather than aiming to source resources at a particular price point or facilitating a reverse auction to source the least expensive translator or editor, Pasifika Translations sources linguists based on their capabilities demonstrated through our rigorous testing and evaluation process.

We receive dozens of translator applications every week from all over the world and only 8% of applicants meet our standard and are added to our translation teams. This means that we have a selection of the best translators and editors globally, working on your projects.
Our team ethos is about producing the highest level of service quality and in ensuring that our customers enjoy working with us.

Working with Pasifika Translations is our multinational in-house team of highly-qualified client and project managers from countries including Spain, Vietnam, China, UK, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Colombia and New Zealand. The global perspective they bring to their work and their required knowledge of two or more languages means they have valuable awareness and insights into dealing with a wide range of languages and cultures.

They also have a strong ability in working with the latest translation technologies, including translation memory software and translation management programs.