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As a division of the New Zealand Translation Centre (NZTC International), Pasifika Translations has full access to the infrastructure and resources of NZTC International which is the largest translation company in New Zealand, and is the leader in translating to and from all Pacific Islands languages. This means that we have access to all of the country’s top linguists and are constantly connected to a pool of them for ongoing work.

Pasifika Translations is able to provide premium level translations through the utilisation of a unique and robust quality translation process supported by a project management process which is audited and certified to the European Quality Standard EN 15038:2006.

This process is supported by our significant resource and security advantage of being the largest translation centre in the Southern Hemisphere thus allowing our team to handle a higher proportion of in house projects compared to other translation services. This also enables Pasifika Translations to deliver high profile and high security work to organisations with strict confidentiality requirements.

By utilising the latest tools in translation technology and a responsive project management service, Pasifika Translations is able to maximise budgets and cost efficiency by leveraging from translation memory and repetition analysis, to minimise your time in dealing with poor translations and time-consuming project liaison.

Our team possesses 30 years of providing premium translations which is signified by a longevity-focus and successful long term relationships with many other Language Service Providers across the globe. Our project team, which oversees your translations, will continue to work closely with your team to ensure any end-client feedback is effectively managed and incorporated into our final translations where necessary.

Although the global pricing scheme for many of the Pasfic Islands languages are higher due to the availability and number of Pacific Islands resources, Pasifka Translations is able to negotiate specific trade-pricing to other language service providers. Please contact us for more information.