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Pasifika Translations offers a broad range of specialist language services. At the heart of our translation process is the most intensive QA process available in the translation industry. This process includes translation by a native-speaker of the target language which is then edited by a reviewer with knowledge of both languages, checking for both accuracy and style. The publication-ready content is then proofread by the original translator.

Our project management system that oversees the step-by-step translation, editing and proofreading stages exceeds the provisions of European Standard EN 15038 for the provision of translation services. EN 15038 is the only translation certification specifically developed for language services and is set to become an ISO standard in the near future.

In addition to our stringent quality assurance process, our team is also experienced enough to know that in many cases a stakeholder review process is needed in the production of translated material with company-specific terminology or special copywriting requirements. Where applicable, our team regularly recommends a client stakeholder review as part of our quality control measures, to ensure any unique style of communication is accurately captured to our client’s satisfaction.

As a division of NZTC International, Pasifika Translations’ quality systems are fully and regularly audited by the Language Industry Certification System (LICS), an international specialist language services industry audit bureau from Austria. This is not a self-declared certification.

Medical & Health, Bio, Pharmaceutical industry Translations

Accurate medical translation requires translators with specialist skills and experience in medical content translation as well as familiarity with clinical and regulatory requirements. The key to accurate translations, particularly in the field of medical and health related topics, is having an in-depth understanding of the medical terminology, backgrounds and industry considerations which can only be instilled by experience and education.

Our tested translators and editors are highly experienced in translating within medical fields and utilise the latest medical reference sources to ensure correct medical terminology. Pasifika Translations sources linguists based on their capabilities demonstrated through experience and our rigorous testing and recruitment process.

Our project management service revolves around the careful selection of the most appropriate team of linguists for any given project. Some examples of medical subjects we handle include medical devices, fertility-related content, operating theatre and intensive care, diabetes, asthma, meningococcal vaccines, oncology, endoscopic devices, dentistry, paediatrics, medical research, case reports and medical publishing. Our 30 years of experience in these fields include working with New Zealand government clients, global medical equipment manufacturers and global pharmaceutical research organisations.

Design and layout

Our team of in-house designers have been specialising in localising brochures, flyers and other major government health and medical publications targeting Pasifika communities for the past 30 years. This specialist service ensures that all material produced for use in Pasifika communities is culturally appropriate in design, and has been checked and verified by our in-house editors as well as native speakers from the target market.

Our team is able to localise your content utilising a number of programs including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Framemaker, and many more specialised and widely used global design programs.

Software localisation

Software localisation involves the translation or adaptation of a product or software to a specific language or culture to make it sound natural and capable of everyday use in that country or region.
To be successful, software designed for the global marketplace needs to be adapted to each separate linguistic environment. Pasifika Translations has developed considerable in-house expertise in this field. We can assist your software localisation project by translating the software’s graphical user interface (GUI) and resource strings, including user interface testing and resizing to accommodate languages, online help and support manuals, and also and end-user licensing agreements and related documentation.

We can also provide testing and debugging services for your localised software to ensure correct functioning and to identify any language-related errors. Our team is able to work within a number of content management tools including Author-IT Localisation Manager (XML File handling), Framemaker and MadCap Lingo. Pasifika Translations can help your team author, illustrate, localise and publish your foreign content.

Multilingual websites

Multilingual websites are essential for companies interested in maximising their global business. Pasifika Translations can provide quality-assured translations of your website content, whether in static form (such as HTML) or within a database-driven content management system.
We can translate your web content and return it to you as a normal Microsoft Word file or text document. The translation would then need to be re-entered into the HTML file or transferred into dynamic-content databases by the original web developer.

Alternatively, if your website content is maintained via a dynamic content management system (CMS), Pasifika Translations can work with this in a number of ways. Content can be extracted from the system by our team, translated outside of the content management system and reloaded via the CMS interface. We then recommend that our linguists undertake a final check of the online content to ensure quality presentation. The advantage of this approach is that it allows full use of Pasifika Translation’s translation memory tools for cost efficiency and consistency.

If you require your content to be translated online, within the Content Management System (CMS), our translation and editing process can be carried out using this approach. The advantage of this is that it avoids the need to extract and reload the content. The disadvantage is it that it does not allow use of Translation Memory tools.

Multimedia – Voiceovers and subtitling

Pasifika Translations provides the full range of voiceover and subtitling services. We have undertaken significant projects in many of the Pasifika languages for clients around the globe and also with many organisations based here in New Zealand, including many Government clients and advertising agencies.
Film or video from any foreign language can be dubbed or subtitled into English. Alternatively our team is able to provide voiceover or subtitling services into any of the Pasifika languages. Typically, our translators will tailor their voiceover or subtitle translations to fit into the time available for each phrase. Timing is critical as translated subtitles or voiceovers may require significantly more or fewer words than in the original language.

Our full project management service covers your entire project, beginning with project liaison, any possible requirements for transcription, followed by translation, and the full engineering process involved with subtitling. For voiceover projects, our talent selection process involves careful selection from our pool of resources, both female and male, young and old, with or without regional accents, and in liaison with your team.

Digital audio recordings can be delivered electronically to most countries throughout the world.